Peri-Laine has presented workshops for several years at BCATA conferences and at district and school Pro-D workshops, as well as many private workshops for aspiring artists. She is a practicing artist who both exhibits her work and takes commissions. Her workshops are always full, and participants leave with new confidence, enthusiasm and ideas. She offers a number of workshops for beginner artists in a variety of mediums, from basic drawing to watercolour painting.

Interested in professional development workshops in the area of Fine Arts? Many elementary teachers are looking for hands-on experience and creative project ideas to enhance their Art programs. These workshops are designed for the non-specialist teacher, and taught with a fun, relaxing and step-by-step approach to working with a variety of techniques and materials.

Workshops include demonstration, hands-on practice, project displays and suggestions for school kits and resource materials, as well as classroom management tips. Workshops of varying lengths are available from 2 hours to full days. Peri-Laine will bring all necessary materials and supplies for each workshop.

Workshops can also be conducted in your home or studio for small groups and usually run from 2 to 4 hours. Please contact Peri-Laine for more details

 Available Workshops:

1. Drawing Techniques and Projects – For coloured pencil, pastels, pen & ink, or charcoal, conte

2. Elements of Art – From warmups to finished project

3. Special Techniques in Watercolour (Beginner Level)

4. Landscape Painting – Watercolour  (Beginner Level)

5. Introduction to Botanical Painting – Watercolour (Beginner Level)

6. Introduction to Clay – Hand building techniques

7. Creative Doodling

Cost of Workshops 

Professional Development:

Hourly fee / honorarium (plus cost of traveling expenses if outside of Lower Mainland, for Teacher Professional Development or conference workshop.)  Supplies/handouts will be provided on a per person fee basis.

Private, group, and community workshops: 

Contact the artist for details.