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New Year Updates – 2015

Wow, how time flies! The fall season seems to have gone by in a flurry. The art shows I participated in were a huge success, with lots of visitors and interest in my new direction in my art work. While still working on pen and ink and watercolour paintings, I’ve been collaborating with a fabric artist, Valerie MacRae, to create new pieces. Enspired by Zentangle®, the intricate patterns are beginning to show up in many of my compositions. (2 creative minds make for totally new ideas.) I’m working towards several shows in the new year and I’m excited about my upcoming venture to Rhode Island late spring, to become certified as a Zentangle® instructor.

I’m already booking workshops for the new year, so check back often to see what’s been added.
I will continue to offer workshops at the Anvil Centre and 100 Braid St. Studios, as well as more hands-on workshop at the North Vancouver OPUS store. As always, I’m available to do private workshops as well.